I worked myself up into three different frenzies yesterday, which is impressive, but probably not even close to a record. In the morning, I became hysterical at the thought that something could happen to Husband. Even though he is here and fine, the potential grief became so real that I actually started crying. I also came up with a horrible metaphor. If something happened to Husband, I would be forever set adrift in a sea of grievous tears. I cheered up the tiniest bit thinking about how my little boat looked like a cartoon Viking ship, but I was back to panic when I realized that I don't know where Husband buried the metaphorical gold and I'd become homeless so I'd actually need my stupid ship. A few hours later, a series of unfortunate emails left me in a lather. Why people in important positions can't read is beyond me.

In connection with people in important positions who can't read, it occurred to me that if Americans want a government that commits to turning this country into a third world nation by continuing to elect people who increase the gulf between the haves and have nots, who am I to stand in the way? In the short term, it sort of benefits me to have tax cuts so I can travel to other places to get away from my problems. Of course, in the long term, it will be a disaster and I worry about all the kids out there who are going to inherit an extra enormous clusterfuck. Probably reading "God's Harvard" by Hanna Rosin - about an evangelical college (although I uses the word college only because that is what they call themselves; they are really a terrifying training institute) that is preparing uber-Christians to take over the US in various ways - on this election day was a very bad plan.