Like many things in life, I don't understand WordPress. I'm supposed to love it. Many of the bloggers I know rave about it, and felt that Blogger is too limited a tool. Maybe I am also a limited tool. It's too fucking complicated. I liked Blogger (except when I wanted to kill it) because it was easy and mostly I just wanted to write things and post some pictures. Even if I wasn't great at it, I could manipulate the template enough to make some improvements. WordPress? I can't even figure out how to get my little profile picture to show up when I leave comments, forget modifying links* or the template. There are plugins and widgets and tools and settings. None of them make sense to me. I'd try to play around a bit, but I'm too scared to lose five years** of posts.

There are far more tragedies and worse things to bemoan, but gah. Just gah.

*Although as I typed this, I noticed a little menu item marked "Links" which makes me think I should click on that and perhaps be able to modify the links. Interesting. **Yep, CUSS turned five back in mid-October!