Initially, I found The Millionaire Matchmaker to be unwatchable. I tuned in to the show while Patti (the schadshen, aka matchmaker) was in the middle of yelling at a prospective date to get her hair straightened and lose weight or face a life of loneliness. Yes, just like me. When I met Husband, I was 30 pounds overweight and had frizzy hair, and he still like me OK enough to marry me five years later. It seemed like Patti was just regurgitating the same stupid gender crap, so I flipped to another high undoubtedly quality show, probably America's Next Top Model. Somehow I found myself watching The Millionaire Matchmaker again, though, and this time Patti amused me with her ridiculous ideas. She continued yelling at women about how they need to look good and let men be men, but then she turned around and yelled at men for "picking with the penis" (i.e. - only dating women for their looks) and wanting young women without equal life/career independence. It is sort of hilarious to see all the contradictions flying. Not to mention that two of the staff members on her show appear to follow none of her advice and are married to one another.

This season is not entertaining me thus far. The show came to New York from LA, and Patti has gone overboard in insulting the women for their appearances. She says that women in New York can't dress, that we don't get manicures or wax, and we are less feminine than the men here, who put time into their looks. While this is obviously true of me, I have seen no one who resembles me on the show. The ladies are like more of my friends - fit but not skeletal, made up but not clownish, and donning ludicrous heeled shoes and leggings. In other words, they are confident and fun. I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe Patti just needs to be outrageous for ratings.

All of this brings me to my #1 Rule for Successful Dating: just be yourself. If the date doesn't like you and you are being you, it is never going to work out anyway. I'm not saying don't put in a little effort and spice up your best traits (I wore my blue Doc Martens with alphabet shoe laces, special striped tights, a teal skirt, and a funky black tunic with orange tapestry lining on my first date with Husband, and clearly it made a good impression!), but don't violate who you are. Why would you even want to be with someone who doesn't like you when you are you?