From 1972 to 2005, CBS radio in New York City played oldies. In Chicago, WJMK was known as Oldies 104.3, and it was my mother's favorite radio station. I am also a big fan of rock and pop music from the 1950s to early 1970s, so when I happened to listen to the radio (which tends to be when I am in a car or cleaning the homestead, so not very often in the last 16 years), these were the stations to which my dial was set. Then the Jack wreaked havoc. My mom turned on the radio one day to discover her beloved oldies station had turned into a station that played hits primarily from the '70s and '80s. She was very upset, to say the least, and she was not the only one. In New York, the response was so bad that WCBS returned to oldies programming within two years. Oldies fans in Chicago were not so lucky, although a different station began playing oldies to fill the void.

Although I felt bad for oldies fans, I sort of love Jack radio. I don't want to. Their promos are stupid, testosterone fueled inanities. I cringe whenever they come on the air. The flip side is that they don't have stupid, testosterone fueled DJs spewing inanities. So many radio "personalities" are douche bags. The real attraction, though, is the music. As a music loser, I love it because it primarily plays top 40 hits that I happen to know. How can I resist the catchy tunes? The cheesy childhood memories the songs invoke? The joy of belting out "The Boys of Summer" while crunching numbers for my consulting project? (Yes, I stream it on my laptop...)

Yeah, I'm a corporate drone when it comes to music. It's embarrassing and lame, but it's the albatross I must bear.