While I was chatting with Husband last night, I realized something terrible: I passionately dislike many people, yet I don't think anyone returns the sentiment. I'm not talking about famous people, like Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter, who I loathe. Of course they have no idea who I am and therefore do not spend as much time fretting about how I am ruining the world as I do about them. I mean people I personally know from work or school or other arenas of life who cause me to foam at the mouth and rant like a crazy person. When I thought about it, it seemed like they probably don't stay up at night seething about something I've done. It may seem like my lack of enemies is a good thing. However, I think that if someone is to have an impact on the world, they make enemies (or at least cause people to profusely dislike them) along the way. Maybe this is why I never get anything done. Even though I am clearly bothered by the actions of others, I must behave in ways that don't ruffle my enemies' feathers. I try not to burn bridges. Again, this seems positive, but it also indicates that I am ineffective.

If anyone has any ideas of people who dislike me, I'm all ears. It's a crazy and sad world, I know.