This: "I don't have a TV," my co-worker said after she told me to watch a TV show (Huge) and I asked her what night it was on. "I only have the internet to keep me warm at night." This is why I seriously love my colleagues. They are funny, smart, interesting, and generally awesome. They brighten my days enormously. However... I'm leaving my current place of employment to do a consulting project about developing supportive housing, then who knows. I'm sad and excited at the same time. It is a good thing overall, but I am going to miss people a lot. A lot. 'n': Everyone I root for on reality contest shows loses. I can't even remember who I ultimately rooted for on Top Chef Masters, initially I liked Susan. She was voted off early. Last year on Top Chef, I wanted the nice brother to win, but the mean brother took the prize. This summer I felt that Tiffany seriously deserved it, so she went home on Wednesday. On Dance Your Ass Off, I cheered my ass off for Adamme and that wench Latoya strutted to the top. Bah!!! The only times I've been pleased were the last two Survivors as that rat fuck Russell did not win. Bottom line: If you go on a reality show, don't tell me. That way I won't be rallying around you and you will have a better chance of winning.

That: Last night I saw a sign in the window of The Body Shop near my apartment. "STOP SEX TRAFFICKING," it read. Underneath this statement, in small print, it said, "of Children and Young People." Clearly it is OK to traffic women. Those sluts probably did something to deserve it, ya know?