A friend from the Chicago area is staying with me tonight. As she caught up with another friend on the phone, I overheard her say something about when they went to Medusa's. "Medusa's?" I said. "I always wanted to go to Medusa's when I was young!"

"You never went?" she asked?

"No, I never made it," I said sadly. "It was yet another dream I never achieved."

"Oh, that's too bad," she said. We laughed.

For the record, Medusa's was/apparently still is a teen nightclub in a western (?) suburb of Chicago. It advertised heavily on the pop radio station I listened to when I tried very hard to be cool in junior high and the early high school years. I was certain that if I could get there (and my friend verified that it was a younger age to get in back in the day), I would rock the house and boys would fall all over me. Or something like that. I planned and plotted with my friend Amy about what we'd wear and which purse to bring. (The pink fake leather one with fake leather star appliques, of course!!!)

hairFor the record for the record, I did wind up going to some haunted house thing in a club in a distant suburb when I was a junior or senior in high school. After emerging from the scary part, I danced my ass off to Ace of Base, although I could not understand why a song about teen pregnancy was so popular. (It is clear from my lack of understanding that the "baby" in said song was a boy toy, not another infant, that I remained uncool despite being at a teen club.) Damn, did I have fun.

Maybe when I go to visit my parents in October I can convince my sister to go to Medusa's with me... Or not.

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