I have no idea what I did to generate good karma, but things have been pretty exciting around here. Now that I'm leaving my job, which was fine enough (my co-workers were the best, though), I am getting lots of other options. I love options. Granted the options could all turn into lost opportunities, but I'm riding high for the moment. In other news, my love of dragged out cliches and metaphors continues. Today I explained to a friend that something that I had to go through was the straw that broke the camel's back. "Of course, when an animal like that is injured, you have to kill it to put it out of its misery," I said. "So I shot my camel. Then I had to bury it. The situation was also the final nail in the coffin." Nobody who derives such pleasure from abusing language like that deserves to have good karma.


I forgot about the hilarious discovery I made earlier today thanks to Google alerts. An article that I wrote three years ago for New York Family magazine (which I like to call Bugaboo Magazine based on its demographic reach) randomly appeared in this week's West Side Spirit. (Same corporate parent - goooooo synergy!) I had a good laugh over it. My wisdom on selecting a good pet for the privileged family is priceless.