Lately I've been thinking that I should change the name of this blog to Hok mir ein chainek, which is the Yiddish way of saying "Other Rants." (As Bubbygram explains, it literally means to "bang on my tea kettle.") A lot of what I've been writing about has more to do with Jewish themes than anything else. Plus, a lot of it is sad. As I've been researching my family's past, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the Holocaust and other things. Anyway, continuing with the Jewish themes, yesterday I learned that g'mar chatima tova means that you hope that someone will be inscribed in the Book of Life for good. I wish this to many people, although in defiance of the spirit of the holiday, not to anyone who supports right-wing lunatics. I'm not saying that I want someone to do harm to them, but if harm fell upon them, I'd not shed any tears.

Anyway anyway, Friday was my last day at my job at a Jewish social justice nonprofit organization. I will miss many aspects of it. Working in a Jewish organization was exactly what I needed over the past year. It put my research on some context. I could ask knowledgeable people questions about various Jewish practices and traditions, and it was important to also be amidst ongoing Jewish life and culture while I spent so much time thinking about its end in Europe. Some of the people are amongst the best people I've ever been privileged to call co-workers. I hope that I will get to work for another Jewish social justice organization at some point.

All of it made me want to go to temple for Yom Kippur this year. There. I admitted it. When I walked by the people streaming out of their synagogues, I felt a weird longing to be amongst them. It was very strange. I did not feel this calling for 20 years, and I didn't heed it. (I met some friends for lunch at an Indian buffet in Hoboken. Seriously.) Part of me was also not ready. I'm too angry about the Holocaust and the ongoing injustice that people suffer in the world. Maybe I'll never heed it. It's just interesting that the desire to perform this ritual suddenly came on so strong.

I don't rule anything out at this point.