The weather on Sunday was perfect - sunny and in the low 70s. Husband and I set out for a stroll around 2 pm. We began by heading to Central Park. Upon entering at 72nd Street, I overheard a visitor to my fine hometown talking on his cell phone. "Yeah, there's some kind of upscale McDonald's on Columbus and 77th Street. I'll meet you there," he bellowed.

I scratched my head. While I knew that many McDonald's locations in Manhattan had undergone renovations in the last year and were pretty snazzy, I couldn't think of any on Columbus Avenue, let alone 77th St. We walked on. Then it hit me. This douche bag was talking about Shake Shack!

Yes, Shake Shack is a burger joint. It is not any fancier than the Golden Arches. Yet for the same price as a quarter pounder, Shake Shack serves us some serious quality meat, custom blended for them by a renowned butcher shop. It's like comparing Long John Silvers to, uh, Red Lobster. Or something like that.

I wanted to turn around and slap him upside the head. Upscale McDonald's! Tourist, be gone!