It seems like all fancy cars for snooty people have sexy women attached to them. Hence when Husband brought home Augustus Gloop, his new Audi A4, I felt composed to pose with it. I hope I looked haughty enough. IMG_2789

I've ridden in Augustus twice now (when Husband brought it home, I met him outside to see it then rode around the block to the garage, and today we drove his cousin to her apartment in the Bronx after she came over for a family lunch). It is a very smooth ride and there are lots of gadgets that I played with. I think I broke the head rest in the back seat, but that is another story. I miss our little PT Cruiser, but I never drove it anyway. Husband does not miss Fred the Red at all, and his brother is very happy to put him to good use bringing our niece to see her various grandparents in Long Island and New Jersey. So all's well that end's well. Likely I'll not be blogging about Augustus Gloop much.