Dear Mr. Paladino: I certainly understand your frustration with New York State's elected bodies. While the corruption of our leaders may be less than those in my home state of Illinois or in Louisiana, we certainly top them in ineptness. Change would be a good thing. Your campaign for governor scares me, though.*

I don't understand how you consider yourself to be an outsider who will save New York State. You had a child with someone who is not your wife while you were married, you sent racist emails, and forwarded porn clips that include a woman having sex with a horse. That actually makes you right inline with the rest of today's Republican party!

Further, you said that you want to put empty prisons in upstate New York back into use by making them into dorms where welfare recipients (from the city, of course) could learn hygiene in a beautiful country setting. Boy, are you are going to have fun in solitary confinement! As the Welfare King of New York State, you've sucked billions of dollars out of taxpayers through bogus tax breaks and sweetheart deals with the same elected officials you deride as corrupt. (Which goes back to your first election rallying cry: I guess no one knows better than you how corrupt they really are. Kinda cool.)

When you say you want to cut the state budget by 20% but have no plan on how to do it nor should you, that makes me think of other states that have no social services and limited infrastructure. New York has its problems, no doubt, but I would far rather live here than in say, Mississippi or New Mexico, where there are no services and generally shitty standards of living. If you want that so badly, why don't you just move there and leave the rest of us alone?

Everything about you smacks of the Old South - racist, sexist, impoverished, hypocritical, and corrupt to the core. You're a good ol' boy, Carl, admit it.

Thanks, and may you lose a thousand times over on Election Day.

Suzanne Reisman Citizen with Standards

*The fact that you won the primary in a landslide over a boring but solid opponent scares me even more. Sometimes I think that people deserve exactly what they ask for. I just wish good people didn't have to be punished for their stupidity as well.