There's an excellent post over at BlogHer by Catherine Morgan about a new emergency contraceptive. Since it will do good things like help women not become pregnant if they don't want to, ant-choice groups are protesting its approval. This is nothing new. What is news, though, was a comment left about how vitamin C can act as an abortifacient. Can you believe that shit? Vitamin C is sold at pharmacies everywhere. Wal-Mart even has this dangerous baby killing weapon. Wal-Mart! They are baby killers, too! The FDA is in close cahoots with feminists, I tell you. Who knew that "alleviating the severity of a cold" was a euphemism for "yes, this will kill the innocent baby developing harmlessly inside your stomach, your cold heartless bitch."

To put an end to this abomination, I am advocating to ban the sale of Vitamin C to women. Women are are essentially pre-pregnant at all times, and I would not want to do anything to let them control their destinies, like deciding whether or not they should reproduce and when.

Boycott the vitamin C industry and the fascist manhating women who run these businesses! Save the innocent unborn!