The Mets have not even finished their season of implosion and stupidity and evil (i.e. - their closer, K-Rod, injured his thumb while punching his girlfriend's father), it is hot and humid, and yet football is on TV. I suppose it is good that Husband can distract himself from the Mets with the Giants. As for me, I am disappointed that this is the second summer in a row that I have not gone to a baseball game. At any rate, although there are two weeks of August left (fall for me starts on Sept. 1, calendar be damned), I am not entirely sorry it is over. I can't complain about it too much. I traveled to Poland with my friend in June, I celebrated ten years of marriage with Husband in Montreal in July, and I relaxed with friends and family at a house in upstate New York in August. Plus there were the highs and lows of BlogHer 2010. I think that encapsulates this summer, though: really great times and some unpleasant lows in between.

The fall, which I hope like hell will not be an Indian summer, promises many exciting things. I will see my sister and nephew in early Sept., then later in the month jet off for a long weekend in Dublin to visit my cousin, who I have not seen in a year, which is wrong, wrong, wrong. I'm planning to visit my parents and grandmothers some time in Oct.

If all goes well, I'll also get some stability in my "professional" life. I am still figuring out what I want to do when I grow up. It's been a painful process. Not as painful as the punch K-Rod threw on his girlfriend's father, but as painful as watching a Mets game these days.