On Saturday, I spoke on a panel about how blogging can improve your writing. It was a lot of fun, as my fellow panelists were excellent and the audience was superb. I like to talk about writing. OK, I like to talk about anything if I'm given a platform, but whatever. I went to the panel with one nugget of wisdom: writing is generative. I learned this from a writing class I took over the summer of 2008 with Jackson Taylor. He said that if you keep writing, you will get better. It will just happen.

The key to this is that one must want to keep writing. If something interests me, I enjoy writing about it. It makes me excited. However, that does not translate into readers, which is tricky. Do you write for yourself if no one will read it or do you write what other people want to read? (If a blog is published and no one reads it, does it exist?) I want my work to be read or I wouldn't bother sharing it.

I was bummed to miss the session on loving your small blog at BlogHer. As the esteemed panelists said, if you love what you do, you'll find your tribe. Even if one person reads something one CUSS once a week and likes it, I think it is a big accomplishment. I'm writing what I like and getting better at it all the time. Cue the cheesy music.