Husband bought a new car last week. He had been commuting an hour each way in a red PT Cruiser for the last four years. While there was nothing technically wrong with Fred the Red, and for a while his zippy style made up for what he lacked in comfort and pick up, Husband wanted a more comfortable ride to work. And also better traction for the winter. The new car is a gray Audi A4. It is named Augustus Gloop. I suggested Augustus because I thought Augustus the Audi was funny, but more importantly, it is a reminder about greed. People who want too much might fall into a chocolate river and get stuck in a pipe. I'm not actually too worried about Husband suddenly becoming Gordon Gekko, as he admitted that he was sad that he was now driving the same boring albeit fancy car as every other person who works in finance.

We always wanted to put on a flame decal when we had Fred, but never got around to it. Maybe we can get some car magnets and detail Augustus. I want to make the Oompa Loompas proud.