Years ago, I decided that if I had pursued a different path in life and went to med school (my father always wanted a doctor) rather than dropping out of law school on the third day (my father always wanted a lawyer) and then attending grad school for public policy and then working for ten years and then attending grad school for creative writing, I would have become a gynecologist. Women's health interests me and there is a need for doctors who are willing to do abortions. Probably my lack of early interest in science and math is a good thing, as I would have tried to open a practice and name it Cooter's Garage. I could have made all sorts of jokes about checking under the hood and changing the oil and fine tuning the engine. However, Cooter's Garage would not do custom detailing. We'd like our cars with floor mats. After I visited my doctor today, who is an excellent health care provider and Mets fan, I took Tycho to the vet. Unlike me, he is having trouble maintaining himself and his fur is rather messy. The vet thinks that he has arthritis and can't bend around to lick himself properly. (I don't have arthritis, but I can't do that either, nor would I want to.) She shaved his nether regions to help. He is not a happy rabbit right now. I definitely feel for him. I guess sometimes it makes a lot more sense to go furless.

And yes, I realize that the previous two paragraphs were not entirely related to one another, but sometimes I like a vague theme.