Husband and I went to Pennsylvania to celebrate Steph's 35th birthday on Saturday night. The plan was to stay overnight in the area, then the three of us would drive over to the first birthday party of the son of our friend (and talented artist) on Sunday afternoon. After gorging ourselves on fondue, we went to put our bags in Steph's trunk. When she opened it, I saw a full size suitcase with the lid propped open. "Uh, is that suitcase filled with underwear?" I asked. (I had to be sure - what if I ate too much and the cheese was obscuring my vision? )

"Of course," Steph said. "I did my laundry at my parents' house and it wasn't dry before I left,* so my mom told me that it would dry in the trunk because it is so hot out."

Of course! Why had that not occurred to me? Who doesn't have enough underwear to fill an entire suitcase?

*Note that she was 20 minutes late to her own birthday dinner.