This morning the train I took to work stood for quite some time with the doors open at the 50th Street Station. Hot air filled the air conditioned car. I was antsy to get going. After a few minutes, the doors closed. Yay. Then they reopened. I threw my head back and sighed. At the same moment the words, "Damn it, let's go already," flashed through my mind, I heard a raspy voice at the other end of the car bellow, "God damn it, let's go already." It was an older woman sitting next to her friend. I worried for a moment that I had lobbed some sort of crazy thought bomb down the car and she happened to catch it and explode. However, that was not the case. Instead, I looked through a rip in the fabric of time and saw 30 years into the future. It was Extra Crotchety Lady Suzanne sitting next to her friend Extra Loud Old Giantess Steph. Kind of cool.

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