princess nightgown 1984Ah, July 1984. I was eight years old and the worst injustices I faced were being forced to go to bed or not watch TV. My heart had not yet been broken when this photo was taken (a few months later, the Cubs would go on to lose to the Padres in the playoffs, which is then when I realized that life is just a series of disappointments), and I had another year or so to go before puberty destroyed my cute little face, fit body, and sleek hair. But I digress, as this post is about fashion. The nightgown in this picture was my Princess Nightgown. I loved it. The silky nylon fabric made me feel very glamorous. I was sure that whatever boy I had an innocent crush on (and I'll be damned if I can remember who that was) would want to kiss me if I could wear it out in public.

These days, I don't wear fancy nightgowns to bed and I can barely be bothered to dress up during the day. So I was pleasantly surprised when The Gap offered to outfit me so that I would look nice for my panel discussion on how blogging improved my writing, followed by a signing of my book Off the Beaten (Subway) Track at the BlogHer conference next weekend. My as yet unlaid plans likely included jeans and maybe a nice shirt.

This type of offer never comes my way (strange that no one wants me to write about their items on a blog that includes the words "unshaved snatch" in the title - you'd think the sponsors would be all over me like wax in a salon), so I was very excited. I hopped over to The Gap today after work and was met by an amazing stylist. She brought all sorts of outfits to me, most of which I would never have thought to try. Although I had some challenges with tops (I have almost no torso and large hips), Betty worked with me and I am pleased to say that she got me looking super adorable. Maybe not as adorable as I did in 1984, but enough to make me feel better about the poundage I've packed on in the last year. The Gap Magic pants sort of live up to the name. I seriously cannot wait to show off my duds next weekend.