I. Thursday night/ wee hours of Friday morning A. Check in to hotel i. Receptionist tells Husband that his status as a Starwood Preferred Guest got us upgraded from a "closet" to a "grand prixe"* ii. Unpack, take pictures of "grand prixe" room, go to sleep iii. Husband wakes me up at 2 am because the noise and base vibrations from the club/bar prevent him from sleeping iv. Husband calls front desk to get room change; small amount of drama ensues B. Change rooms i. Only other available room for the night is Extreme Wow Suite ii. Realize we cannot close shades on ginormous windows, go to sleep II. Friday - 10 Year Wedding Anniversary! A. Check out of Extreme Wow Suite; eat unexciting breakfast B. Visit two room Banc of Montreal Museum (not as good as Wells Fargo Museum) C. Take walking tour of Old Montreal with guide named Suzanne who has a glass eye! D. Eat cookies from cookie truck parked outside of Cirque du Soleil box office E. Visit archeology museum F. Fancy dinner at Le Chasse et Peche i. Best appetizer ever: roasted piglet with shaved foie gras risotto G. Asked by low quality street performer to hold rope for some reason; run away when "juggling" act starts III. Saturday A. Eat smoked meat sandwiches for breakfast at Schwartz's - yum! B. Eat Portuguese baked goods for dessert in park - yum! - buy Portuguese bread for picnic dinner C. Walk for miles and miles to Jean Talon food market; buy cheese and fruit for picnic dinner D. Eat worst snack ever - vomit-encrusted French fries known as poutines (problem: I don't like fries or gravy in general; cheese curds are good though) E. Realize tickets to laser light show at Basilica of Natre-Dame is sold out; have minor temper tantrum (wonder why Husband stayed married to me for 10 years) F. Fireworks with picnic dinner, just like ten years ago, except in Montreal, with fewer friends, and with better food - very nice IV. Sunday A. Crappy breakfast at Tim Horton's, then hike up Mont Royal i. Small freak out that we will be lost in the park and die of starvation, wonder why Husband is married to me for this long B. Listen to tam tams C. Pick up bagels and Liberte cream cheese from Fairmount Bagels i. Eat in park and enjoy ii. See albino squirrel, wonder if there is a legend about the ghost squirrel of Montreal D. Notice fire house museum and get tour of museum and sit in fire truck E. Attend performance of Cirque du Soleil, just like ten years ago, except this time we can't sit next to each other because the performances are almost sold out since it is in its last week and also this time I do not have to run to the bathroom 20 minutes before the show ends so that I don't piss my pants - interesting performance, cool costumes F. Met Husband's friend for dinner i. Ten years later, no toes were sucked that I am aware of V. Monday A. Heat wave strikes i. Abandon plan to walk around ii. Visit McCord Museum of Canadian History, which is more random than any other museum I've ever been to, and that is saying a lot B. Return to New York

*I swear that is what she said although my hearing was not 100% after the flight and I was very tired.