"Grand Prix" room at the W HotelIMG_1980 Goofing off in the "grand prix" room at the W Hotel.

IMG_1987 I have no idea why I randomly put on lip gloss, but it is glamorous.

IMG_1992 Poutine. Not such a fan.

I thought Couche Tard meant "retarded owl" but it means night owl... "Couche-tard" does not mean "retarded owl." I thought that the people of Montreal were fond of animals with special needs, as this winking owl appeared on several convenience store frontages. Turns out it is a "night owl" indicating that they are open late.

IMG_1998 We saw this rabbit as we walked up Mont Royal. I'm sure he was a house rabbit that someone abandoned, which made me sad. He was too unafraid of people and too large to be wild. Also, he looks like a Dutch rabbit, which is bred. I hope he'll be OK.

The Ghost Squirrel of Montreal This albino squirrel kind of freaks me out. He may be the legendary Ghost Squirrel of Montreal.

IMG_2011 Delicious chocolate chip bagel from Fairmount Bagels.

I saw this awesome graffiti in a few places I saw this fun graffiti in a few places.

Good times!