Husband desires an iPad. He's visited the Apple Store near our apartment a few times to play round with the gadget, and yesterday he mozied over to the Apple Store near his office. As he handled the machine, though, he was horrified to discover that the previous user left open multiple windows. Each one was an explicit porn site. The store was full of kids. "I frantically shut down all the windows and hoped that no one would notice me," he told me last night. "I wanted to yell, 'No, it's not me! I didn't look at porn in an Apple Store fill of children! Really!'"

Then he noticed that three YouTube videos were open. Each one had a message that it had been removed from the site due to inappropriate content. He turned red again and flailed his arms. "It's not me! I'm not the porn addict! I swear!"

I'm a tech weenie, so it never occurred to me that people would use the device for sexual gratification in a public place. Then again, my mother-in-law is a children's librarian, and she finds people wanking off in the library's computer lab all the time. People!