Many thanks to the amazing (and brave) doctors featured in the New York Times Magazine cover story, "The New Abortion Providers." I am forever grateful to them for providing this crucial, life-supporting service to women in need. I hope that I will never have to receive this care from them, but it makes me feel better knowing that they are out there just in case. If only more women (33% of American woman live in counties with no abortion provider) also had the comfort. Also, thanks to the NYT Magazine for printing the first story about abortion that I've been able to read in years without wanting to run away to a cave to separate myself from the miserable wretches who make up a part of this teeming mass of "humanity," a misnomer if there ever was one. The doctors were all portrayed as people with a full range of emotions and motivations, and half the article was not spent letting anti-abortion terrorists defend their practices of harassing doctors and their families as "pro-life" activities. Too many articles are too cowardly to present the situation in this light.

However many warm fuzzies I extend, I also want to note a cold prickly that the Obama administration has sent to women with pre-existing medical conditions: their health insurance has the right to deny abortion coverage to them. How does this work? Say you get pregnant. Then you find out you have cancer. In order to get chemo, you need to terminate your pregnancy. Your health insurance can tell you to fuck off on the abortion since it was a pre-existing condition. Here's what the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice says about it:

This policy means that women who are part of these pools because they have significant health problems, such as diabetes or cancer, will not be able to access abortion care, even if their health is at further risk. The coverage will only be allowed in cases of rape, incest or danger to the woman's life, according to a press statement from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). We know that true comprehensive health care must provide the full range of reproductive health services, including abortion.

Those who are as repulsed by this as I am can sign a petition put together by NARAL Pro-Choice America. Planned Parenthood also has a petition. I'm happy that more doctors are working with women to make reproductive rights a reality, but it won't mean anything if women can't afford to access their services.

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