Husband celebrates his 34th birthday today, although I keep getting confused and thinking that he is now 35. That is because Steph turned 35 in June, and it made me forget that my 35th birthday is not until December, not to mention that I was confused last year and thought it was my 35th birthday and it was really my 34th. I was going to order him a cake that said "Happy 35th Birthday, Husband" and then pretend I didn't know it was his 34th birthday because I thought that would be funny. It would have worked as I am obviously screwing these things up constantly, but I chickened out and went with 34th. Anyway, I digress. The point is that today is Husband's 34th birthday. Yesterday I told my co-worker about Husband's birthday plans. "We are going to see a bubble show."

"A bubble show? You mean a burlesque show?" she asked.

"Don't be silly! Husband is a grown man, but we are seeing a show with bubbles. You know, the kind made out of soapy water?" I pulled up the website for Gazillion Bubble Show and we gazed at the pictures of bubbles and laser lights. "We are going with our friends and their two kids."

"That seems cool," my co-worker said.

"Yeah, Husband could also have had a birthday party there, except he said that was for rich kids."

Happy 35th 34th birthday, Husband!