Once a year I go for a mammogram, and once a year I get a bilateral breast MRI. Today was MRI day. To get a bilateral breast MRI, I lay down on my stomach on the bench thing and stuck my boobs through two holes. It made me giggle. A teenage boy's (or worse, a grown man's) dream would be to be under that bench. Once I was settled I was sucked into the machine, where I managed to nap for 20 minutes despite the booming noises that encompassed me. After the MRI, I had an appointment with the breast surgeon. There was not much time between the two (of course, the MRI people took me late), and it was after 1:30, so I was starving. (I wondered if my hunger made me woozy or the contrast they ran through me for the MRI.) I grabbed salad on the way to the doctors office. I also hoped that no would mind if I ate it in the waiting room. If they did, I could maybe flash my tits and blind them with the MRI afterglow...

I arrived at the doctor's, check in, and dug into my lunch. Salad can be very crunchy. The waiting room was mostly empty, though, and no one stared at me too hard. I was called into the exam room right on time. I would suspect that was because they wanted to hide the woman with lettuce hanging out of her mouth, but every time I've been to that doctor, I am seen in a timely fashion. This is one of the many reasons I like her.

In the exam room, I changed into a gown, sat down on the table, and continued to eat. Then I wondered how disgusting that was. The salad was good, though, so I didn't care. I am happy to report that I finished it before the Fellow came in. Even I might have been embarrassed to be caught chowing down on an exam table in a boob surgeon's office.

She did her exam and pronounced me fine. Yay! I could go back to work. How efficient. Except that the surgeon also wanted to see me. Boo. I had to wait more. I read my magazine. When she came into the room, I tossed it behind me on the exam table. I again removed my gown, which covered the magazine. Then I lay on it. She said that although she trusted the Fellow, she also wanted to examine me.

"That's great," I said. "It's two for the price of one! I had no idea that there were such bargains to be had!"

We laughed, she also pronounced me fine, and I went back to work. One of my co-workers speculated that I wore a forest green shirt to cover my new glowing super boobs. "Yeah, and a black bra, too!" I noted.

So much excitement in one day...