Crap I am tired. My flight to London was pleasant. (Husband upgraded me to business class, which made things more comfortable, but I realized that I am great at sleeping in cars and on buses and trains, I can't sleep on planes unless I am so thoroughly exhausted that I can barely function. I think it is the motionless motion of flying.) I found Alex right away at Heathrow, and ate a delicious English breakfast. We wandered around the mall in the airport, ate many things, and laughed deliriously. I banged my shin into some coffee table thing that came out of nowhere. A lovely bump and bruise developed promptly. The plane to Warsaw was interesting. Pieces of plastic were missing from the overhead bin, the leather seats were peeling off, there was a "coat hook" embedded in the seat in front of each passenger, and the ventilation system was designed in the 1980s. (Pictures to follow.)

What seemed like hundreds of years later, we arrived in Warsaw. As we walked through the Warsaw airport (which is tiny!), cold air blew up from the ground. we looked down and saw vents. Yep. It seems that Polish air conditioning comes from below.

The taxi ride to the hotel was 45.6 PLN. I gave the driver a 100 bill and waited for change. We gave me a 50 and walked away. Had he not helped himself to a tip, he would have received 10 from me. Who screwed who? (Husband said that this is actually common, and it is not expected to give a tip after the driver rounds off the amount.)

We went to a pierogi restaurant for dinner. We tried amazing "Russian" pierogies with dill, bacon, and some sort of cheese cooked in bacon fat. We also had blackberry pierogies for dessert. While we were eating, a homeless man wandered into the restaurant, which is run by some sort of Christian charity. He poked Alex in the arm and we yelled at him. Then another patron gave him her leftover pierogies. he glared at us and ate them as he walked in circles. Then he wandered into the street with the plate. The chef guy followed him out and there was yelling and the plate retrieved. It was quite the first meal.

Thus far Poland's legendary warmth and hospitality has eluded us. Oh wait. Poland doesn't have legendary warmth and hospitality. Never mind. Heh!

Anyway, we are off to find some dinner (although all we've done is eat and sit on airplanes). I'm looking forward to meeting Husband's tomorrow. He fooled me into thinking that people here might be friendly. Or maybe just the taxi drivers and hotel staff are surly. I'd be surly too if I had to deal with tourists all day.