My great great grandfather's graveThis is the grave of my great great grandfather, Mordechai Eliezer Reisman. He died in 1894 and was buried in a section of the cemetery dedicated to Mosze from Wyszogrodu, a tzaddik (religious leader). Since I don't understand Hebrew, I printed a picture of the stone and asked a rabbinical school drop out if he could read it. Given that my great great grandfather was buried in a special section dedicated to a mystical religious leader, I had a sense that he was Hassidic. What could be read off the stone confirmed it.

It seems that the first lines on the stone are a play on a Biblical passage that manages to work in his father's name as a pun. My co-worker (the rabbinical drop-out) said this is very common among Hassidic graves. His own father tried to spell out his name down the side of the stone by starting each line with a letter from his name. I had no idea that the zealots had such a sense of word play!

The middle section sings his praises as an upright man. The stone then goes on the say how great it is that he can lie in the presence of a saint. I can only imagine what Mordechai Eliezer would think of the lifestyles that his prodigy's prodigy's prodigy lead. Quite frankly, I call that progress.

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