I don't know how it is possible, but people keep looking at the old, supposedly defunct CUSS and leaving comments. I really, really liked this one, which I received last week:

I think your bit on the abortion display was in bad taste. Joking about murdered babies is disgusting. What is even more sad is the fact that one day you will have to face your own creator and defend your silly and distasteful remarks and wrong beliefs. Too bad. I wonder how you would feel if your own mother chose to abort you,....oh wait,..you wouldn't even be here to feel anything. Some 'choice' now isn't it?

My brave anonymous critic is right - jokes about murdered babies are disgusting. But jokes about murdered fetuses? Hilarious! Also, have I not railed on and on about how single quotation marks are never, ever grammatically correct except when quoting within a quote? Talk about having to defend one's wrong beliefs to her creator. Yeesh.