suzanne in sariThis picture is from Dr. H's sister's wedding, which I think was in 1998 or 1999. I was in my early 20s. Damn, I look young and innocent. The sari is my all time favorite outfit that I ever wore to a wedding, and one of my favorites in general. I felt so glamorous in all that purple embroidery wrapped around me. Maybe it also has to do with the make-up, which I never wear.* The photo makes me want to grow my hair back to medium length - although I know I will be sari. (Oh, ho ho ho! That is my worst pun ever!)

*I recently explained to my friend that by not wearing make-up now, I eliminate the risk that I will look like a Halloween mask when I am a truly old hag because I won't wear make-up then, either. We debated whether these older women who wear 14 pounds of lipstick and rouge do so because they can't see how much they have on, or if they just try to make themselves up like they did when they were young and make-up was different. What has annoyed me most about the whole Helen Thomas thing is the number of comments on I saw on posts that discussed how her ugly, overdone face indicates that she's also ugly inside or gives children nightmares. While I agree that she is scary looking with all that horror clown make-up, what she looks like has nothing to do with why she made her ignorant comments. I doubt that a man who made a similarly obnoxious comment would be judged to have done so because he had a bad comb over.

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