The day I decided that I was going to Warsaw to find what I could of my grandfather's past, I stepped into a roller coaster car without knowing it. Fortunately, it is more like my favorite roller coaster when I was a kid - the Great American Eagle at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL, which was an awesome wooden roller coaster with lots of drops, which I suspect was modeled after the Cyclone in Coney Island - than one of those ginormous steel ones that do loops and upside down things. The hurt my head, whereas this roller coaster is just crazy. The journey: 1) My mother hints that she would like to go with me. I ask her if she would like to go with me. She says yes. Yay! I climb to the peak. This lasts for two months.

2) My mother injures her back. She decides she can't come. The roller coaster plunges. This lasts for two weeks. I do not cancel her ticket, as the airline advised me to wait until the week of the trip.

3) I ask my friend Alex if she could come in my mother's place. She says yes. Yay! I climb to the second peak. This lasts for two weeks.

4) My mother feels better. She calls me and asks me what to pack and how much money to bring, if she should decide to come. She tells my sister that she is "leaning toward going to Warsaw." I realize that I slightly mucked up the hotel reservation, which I prepaid in March and is not changeable. Slight plunge. I call her and yell at her to make up her mind. This has gone on since last Thursday.

5) Full on panic as to how to accommodate everyone's needs. I scrutinize the hotel website and realize that the room could be fine. Alex tells me not to worry; that she is just happy to come and that everything will work out. This is today. I am excited, but full of anxiety.

6) Roller coaster rounds bend and I see station in the distance. My fingers are crossed. I hope I will not have a heart attack before Friday.