Before Husband left for the gym, he was watching MTV's True Life. The episode was about two women who had plastic surgery and had problems with the results. The first woman had breast implants that made her sick. The silicon shell was poisoning her. She chose to have them removed. Immediately, she felt better. (I find it odd that after having major surgery she could tell that everything was perfect again, but whatever.) However, she said that her boobs, which ended up smaller than they were before the surgery, were not "womanly" enough. So what does the idiot do? She goes to an "organic" plastic surgeon to have him transfer fat from one part of her body into her tits. Of course, the predator does not tell her that she obviously has a fucking mental problem - clearly she hates herself so much that after she made herself deathly ill through surgery it is a problem that she is again seeking to solve her "problems" through surgery - and refer her to a mental health professional. No, he assures her that there is absolutely no risk in his magical surgery. None! Fortunately, her friend convinces her that this is worst idea on the planet. But... she's still going to think about it, even though she is getting more modeling jobs than ever because people thought she looked ridiculous with a stick body and two bags of saline hanging off it. More "womanly" my ass.

The second woman had a nose job that she did not feel improved upon her original schnozz. She is shocked that it did not go perfectly because when she got breast implants to look more "womanly," she was thrilled. She decides to have a second nose job. Guess what? She is initially still not happy. Then other people convince her that she looks fine, so she develops better self-confidence and her life improves. Perhaps she didn't need surgery in the first place, but better support?

Quite frankly, I'm at a point where I think that every woman who wants plastic surgery because she thinks it will solve all of the problems in her life or make her into a real "woman" should be mandated to get mental health counseling first with someone specializing in body issues. I'm also at a point where I think that if plastic surgery for no reason other than vanity causes other problems in the future, insurance should not cover it. The easy availability of plastic surgery is the real illness.