My mom and I were scheduled to fly on American Airlines tomorrow for our trip to Warsaw. Unfortunately, my mother's spinal stenosis and a degenerative back disk decided to enact some sort of revenge on her in mid-May. She was in excruciating pain. Prescriptions and physical therapy slightly helped, but then another condition flared up from the strain on her back. On Monday, she told me that she was unable to come with me to Warsaw. I was crushed. I was also potentially out $1,300 for her ticket. After I canceled her flight, I called the airline and explained the situation to a very kind reservation agent. She told me to contact customer service through the website. My message was submitted around 11 pm, but the most I hoped for was that I could get a voucher after submitting all sorts of medical documentation.

Less than a day later, I received this email from American:

Dear Ms. Reisman:

I am sorry to hear that your mother is not well. I hope that this email finds their back improved.

Certainly we understand why she needed to cancel her travel for June 11. As you requested, we have issued an adjustment to the American Express card used to purchase her ticket. A credit in the full amount of her ticket ($1278.70) has been posted and should appear on one of your next two billing statements. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family aboard the next time your plans include air transportation. Please travel with us soon.

You better believe that I will travel again with them soon! I've been a loyal American customer for years now, mostly because their frequent flier benefits are excellent. I never expected this amazing response, though.

I'm still very sad that my mom will not be able to join me on this trip, but when I called her to tell her that the refund went through, we both felt a little better. It was the best going away present I could have received under the circumstances. I'm just blown away.