My godson's 4th birthday party was yesterday, so Husband and I motored up to Massachusetts to join the festivities. The birthday boy's mother, Alex Elliot, is coming with me to Warsaw on Friday. After the party, we poured over books about Warsaw, discussed all the delicious foods that we will eat while there, and puzzled over the labyrinthine central train station. While we were chatting Husband and Alex's Husband had a parallel conversation about how it is possible to substitute George W. Bush as the subject of any Polish joke, and have the outcome be the same. (Although I'd argue that ethnic jokes are never funny, whereas jokes about George W. Bush are hilarious, albeit in a depressing way.) Alex mentioned that she planned to pack sparingly.

"If I get my period, I can just buy some Polish tampons," she said. "It's not a big deal."

"Except that they are made for the wrong hole," I quipped. Alex and I - who are both of Polish descent - laughed uproariously at my horrid inappropriateness. Husband and Alex's Husband just stared at us. At the same time, I decided that the joke is much funnier when George W. Bush is the subject, even though it makes no sense.