Instead of blogging while the Mets game is on in the background (and they are crushing Philadelphia just like that evil Phillies took revenge on another Phillies fan earlier this season by vomiting on his daughter), I should be folding laundry that sat in the dryer all night and washing dishes that sat in my sink all week. Actually, I should be sleeping. But I'm too excited. (I'm so excited that I even began a sentence with "but," which I try to never do.) This afternoon forward was glorious. I went to Book Expo America and signed copies of Off the (Beaten) Subway) Track. It was successful beyond my wildest dreams. Of course, my wildest dreams did not understand that to garner publicity and buzz, my publisher would give away my book so that people would mob me to get it signed. I thought I'd sit at the table and watch people walk by, not buy. (It seems giddiness also leads to bad puns.) How little I know about this mysterious world of publishing!

After the book signing, which ended after they ran out of books in 20 minutes, I recorded an interview with Sirius Radio. I was the last person the host of the books show squeezed in before closing shop. Then I wandered around the Expo for a little while, saw a mock up cover of another book about New York that I contributed to, and picked up a few free tchochkes. Best of all, at the L. Ron Hubbard publishing booth, I got two free pieces of individually wrapped, reduced fat Cabot cheese from people dressed like pirates. (Oh how I wish I had a photo of that.)

To cap off the day, I traveled up to the Bronx to tape a 30 minute interview for WFUV's (which I keep initially typing as WFUC...) Cityscape program. It was a lot of fun. The episode will air on Sat., June 5. From there, I went to a cocktail party hosted by my publisher. Today was the first time I met my publisher's staff, and they rocked. Talking to them really inspired me to get out there and do more to promote the book.

In addition to meeting awesome people, observing the purple-clad Scientologist pirates, and taping radio interviews, I also ingested large quantities of pastries, cheese, and Diet Coke. Husband is returning from a business trip tonight/in the wee hours of the new day. A three day weekend looms, and the weather report literally shines on me. It is good times.