The Good: I busted ass yesterday and wrote a penultimate draft of one of the essays that will make my thesis. After seven hours of writing, my brain was mush. I was not even sure if anything I wrote at the end was coherent. This morning I proofed it, though, and was pretty happy. The Bad: Someone/something hacked into my email account on Sunday and sent everyone I've ever emailed a virus. Hopefully, no one's computer was damaged. I feel terrible about it. First, it sickens me that my account was violated. Then I worry that it caused people problems. I'm really sorry.

The Awful: Speaking of bugs, I woke up this morning and noticed two long scratch marks on my wrist. I didn't think much of it, but throughout the day noticed that the area remained itchy. By the evening, my other wrist was begging to be scratched. My wrist was also swollen, which I chalked up to the unseasonable heat and humidity and the 2.6 mile walk I took with my backpack strapped on me like a lead weight. Then I noticed the tiny red bumps in a line. Fuck, fuck, fuck - that's what bedbug bites look like... I tried to concentrate on the reading I was at, but I had to leave and run to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy special encasements for our bed spring and mattress. My brother-in-law, who dealt with this shit 2 years ago, calmed me down on the phone before I collapsed in a heap of quivering sobs in the middle of Barnes & Noble. When I got home, I scheduled an appointment with an exterminator. He is squeezing me in on Friday.

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