A few weeks ago, I secured a pair of purple Mary Janes from Lands' End online for only $10. When they arrived, I thought they were a little tight. The return postage was $7, so it struck me as silly to send them back. Somehow, they wound up under my desk at work, where I tried to give them to colleagues but no one wanted them. (I am not sure if the rejection was because they are a small size or because the shoes are sort of ugly, albeit in a way I find cool.) My initial plan for this evening did not include walking home, as it was supposed to rain, so I wore another pair of semi-ill fitting shoes that I purchased for under $20. (These were from the army-navy surplus store on Belmont Ave in Chicago.) When it didn't rain and I decided to walk, I worried that my shoes would turn my heels into bloody stumps, as they've done before. Obviously, the solution was to wear the other pair of shoes that did not fit well and switch off during the walk. Right.

I recognized that this was a stupid solution, but adopted it anyway. I slipped on the purple shoes. They were tight, but also seemed to stretch a bit as I trekked home. Turns out that they are pretty comfy. Who knew? I thought I would have a little lesson about how people shouldn't walk three miles in shoes that don't fit when they have unlimited subway passes at their disposal, but what I learned is you never know. Try it. You might like it.