As I pointed out yesterday, the locust plague followed by the darkness plague strikes me as silly. Supposedly so many locusts swarmed Egypt that the bugs cast a shadow over the land. How is darkness supposed to follow that? It was already dark. Anyway, the locusts destroyed any crops that somehow managed to remain after frogs, flies, murrain, and all sorts of other nasty shit decimated the land. People were probably not so impressed by the locusts for that reason as well. If anyone had consulted me on what the 8th plague should have been, I'd have chosen bedbugs. Bedbugs are evil, evil, evil fuckers. There's a plague of them in NYC now. Again, I wonder what we're doing that we are so afflicted.

After the locusts's darkness was recalled, the next plague was darkness. Apparently, however, this darkness was heavier, and Egyptians were physically weighed down by it. According to Wikipedia, the darkness was a direct smackdown on the sun god Ra. It was dark for three days. These people would probably not do well in Scandinavian countries or Alaska in winter if they couldn't make it through a mere three days of darkness. I hear the vampires love it, though.

Then, it was dark in the hearts of parents and families around the nation. (Don't you love the foreshadowing? MFA, here I come!)