I'm very excited to now be publishing on WordPress. I liked Blogger enough that I stayed with it for almost five years, but then they changed their publishing methods and I didn't want to lose my URL and I'd be thinking about switching to WordPress anyway since I heard that all the cool kids were doing it, but I was really scared to lose material by switching, and blah blah blah. My awesome friend's awesome sister volunteered to do this for me, so here we are. I love how clean the format is. I'm excited to learn how to use all the tools that WordPress offers, although I'm not gonna lie, it still intimidates me a bit. But Blogger sort of scared me too when I first started using it, and while I'd not call myself a master, I think I learned enough to do what I needed to do. I have faith that this will also be the case with WordPress, particularly when I finish my thesis and have some more time to play.

The new and improved CUSS is a work in progress, so if readers have any suggestions, I'm all ears and eyes. As always, thanks for reading!