The organization that I work for, which use Jewish religious teachings and traditions to promote social and economic justice for all Americans, is running a twitter/blog haiku campaign to protest Glenn Beck's comment linking churches that talk about social justice to fronts for communism and Nazism. If you are down with social and economic justice, tweet a haiku with your thoughts on the matter (use the hashtag #becku) or submit poetic words of wisdom at Haik U Glenn Beck. My only problem with this campaign is that I am not poetic. OK, and also that all of my best haikus about Glenn Beck involve really foul words that will not appear on the site because they have more class and taste than I do.* I'll give it a try, though:

Bloviating Glenn Has a beef with equity Bawk! He's chickenhawk

See? Cheese-tastic! And it makes no sense. I trust that CUSS readers all can do better.

*Here are the baddies:

Glenn Beck, douche bag Bloviating sack of shit Social justice, good

When I think "dumb fuck" Glenn Beck's face comes to my mind 'Cause I like justice