After an encounter with a six legged critter this morning that led to its death, I reflected on the fourth plague that God sent to punish the Egyptians, that of flies. Basically, after Pharaoh reneged on letting the Jews leave once the lice were removed from their crotches, they were followed around by swarms of flies. At that point, I suspect they regretted having the frogs (plague 2) killed off, as the fly population would have been greatly reduced by the presence of hungry frogs. But, too late! Hindsight is 20/20. (Are flies more disgusting than roaches/water bugs? Both carry disease. Flies eat by first barfing on their food, then gobbling down the barf and whatever it is they want for dinner. That is pretty fucking nasty. Roaches cause horrid asthma attacks. If, perhaps, roaches are really worse than flies (and I think they are), I wonder what modern urban dwellers have done to be so accursed. My buildings - both home and office - are engaged in constant battle with the vile pests. If I only see a roach every few months, it fools me into thinking we are winning the war, but deep down, I know that is not true. Roaches will be the only survivors of a nuclear holocaust. See "Wall-E" for further evidence.)

Of course, the Egyptians hated it when flies swarmed them everywhere (I picture it sort of like Pig Pen, surrounded by a cloud), so Pharaoh said the Jews could take off if the flies were withdrawn. The flies went wherever plagues of flies go when they are called away, but Pharaoh changed his mind again. So God fucked with the cattle, giving them a "grievous murrain". I kind of feel bad for all the horses, camels, oxen, sheep, and asses that died as a result. What did they have to do with this dispute? Nada. Just innocent victims in a battle of wills. It's always the bystanders that get screwed the worst, I tell you.

Now we are half way through the ten plagues. Tomorrow, we'll discuss boils (my favorite!) and hail. I know I'm looking forward to it.