>My bubbe dislikes cats. She says that they are "false, and hypnotize
you." Dana's cats, though, are pretty honest. They are sending clear
signals to my allergies that it is time for me to go.

I had a great time. The monster truck rally rocked. I ate lots of junk food. I went to a mall. I had brunch with Maren. Dana and I watched home movies of us as
kids that I just had transferred from 8 mm film on to DVD. One of the films turned out to be of my mom's 30th birthday and another was of Dana's 1st birthday, which was cool because Dana's 30th birthday is today. (Happy birthday, chooch!) Most important, I spent lots of time with Marcus, who is a little thief. Yes, he stole my heart. (Cue the cheesy music.)

But now it is time to go. My eyes itch. My nose is stuffed. My ass is frozen. Sadness. Fortunately, Marcus's 1st birthday is just around the corner, so I'll see everyone again in April or early May in Chicago to celebrate the little bugger. Yay!

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