>Yesterday my grandmother finally recovered enough from the sedatives given to her before her angiogram/angioplasty for my mom to tell her what happened. We expected Granny to be upset. My mom assured her that we would find her another doctor.

Upon hearing that her doctor forgot which stents he was supposed to use, my grandmother, apparently, shrugged. "Well, I like him. He doesn't talk to me like I'm senile or a child."

My mom was confused. "So do you not want a new doctor."

"No," Granny said. "I'm happy with this one."

While I hope that he does not commit a much bigger fuck up in the future, I'm relieved that she is not upset about what happened. This doctor got lucky. That's all I'll say.*

*Except that if he does anything to hurt Granny in the future, I will come after that fucker with everything I've got.

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