>Granny's hospital cubicle was dark when the nurse arrived slightly
after 7 am to prep her for her angiogram/angioplasty. "I want to turn
the light on so I can see you," she told Granny.

"You'll be sorry," Granny replied. I realized then how much of my
repertoire I take from her.

As Granny rose from the bed to go the the bathroom, the back of her
hospital gown flapped open.

"Take a good look so you'll know what your butt will look like when
you're 87," Mom said to me.

"Hmmm... It's not that different from now," I noted.

"What's going on here?" Granny mumbled. "No peeking!"

A real house of yuks, her room is.

While Granny used the facilities, the nurse's assistant waited outside
the bathroom door. My mom hovered near by. I slumped in my coat in a
chair by the empty bed.

The nurse turned to me and smiled. "So are you in high school?"

I sat straight up and giggled. "Me? Really?" She nodded. "I'm 34 -
thank you!" I guess I look pretty good compared to the other senior
citizens she sees every day. A room full of yuks, I tell you.

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