>Steph is back in NYC this weekend to attend a wedding. When she
arrived at my apartment after the event, she launched into a diatribre
against the maid of honor, who boasted that she was born and raised in
Beverly Hills.

"I wanted to tell her that if she thought she was such hot shit, she
should put herself together a little better and get some good hair."

I asked her how the food was. "Well, it was OK. They served
something called Hong Kong lobster, which was lobster with fruit
chunks in mayonaise."

"Damn, that sounds like some sort of Chinese Jell-O mold!" Husband
said and made a face. He is horrified by Jell-O molds and Jell-O
salads. While we visited my family in the Chicago area last weekend,
he watched in disgust as my sister and I snarfed down my mom's special
Jell-O mold; frozen strawberries, Cool Whip, and strawberry Jell-O
mixed together. The final product is the prettiest pink, and the
frothy Jell-O melts in my mouth like a sweet cloud. It was my
favorite special treat as a kid.

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