>It was unseasonably warm in New York City in November. There were a
few days when I ran outside because it was in the 60s or 70s. That is
gone now.

It is unseasonably cold in New York City in December. When I venture
outside, bundled in my coat, a scarf, and scary bear hat, the wind
slaps my face red. On my way to the subway, I passed a stream of
frozen dog piss on the sidewalk (how awful would it be to slip and
fall on frozen piss...), and a few blocks later, a puddle in the
street with litter frozen in it. Ah, the holiday sights!

Everyone at work has the flu. In my department, five out of six
people are sick. They all have the flu, except half of them insist it
is just a cold with a high fever and body aches. Uh huh. Somehow,
although I am exhausted and feel run down in general and did not get a
flu shot, I am not sick at all. Hmmm...

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