>I blog from a gorgeous banquet hall that used to be a bank back in the
day when banks occupied buildings that resembled Renaissance palazzos.
Husband's company bought a table for a fundraiser, so he brought me
(and my two lovely lady friends). We were excited to go to a fancy
schmancy dinner event.

Upon arrival, I marveled at the sushi bar, the pasta bar, the moo shu
station, the lox station, and the passed hors d'oevres. If the
reception was so delux, I could only imagine what was in store for
dinner! I stuffed myself silly anyway.

Good fucking thing I was so damn greedy. As we approached our table,
I remarked how close the tables were to one another. "I don't know
how the staff is going to manuver around to serve good," I said to no
one in particular. Our table was decked out with a floral
centerpiece, bread basket, dessert trays, milk and sugar, coffee cups
and saucers, water and wine glasses, two bottle of wine, forks (three
per setting, knives, and spoons. But no plates.

A waiter approached us. "Would you like tea?" he asked. That's when
it hit me: there was no dinner. I thought I should ask to verify my
suspicion. "Uh, is there dinner?" The waiter stared at me. "No,
that was before."

That would have been nice to know, as my friend didn't eat anything
during what was billed as the "reception." She ran off to scavenge
whatever was left and bring a plate back to the table.

I guess $25,000 doesn't buy much these days. Yeesh!

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