>My appearance on "Seven Second Delay with Ken and Andy" went very well last night. I had a great time talking about the book, although within the first two seconds I revealed my deepest, darkest secret: my middle name. I probably also burst the eardrums of unsuspecting listeners with my shrill imitation of my mom yelling at me. Fortunately, they let me stay and talk about the book.

To hear this outburst (and my love for the Masons Hall, Mother Cabrini Shrine, Enrico Caruso Museum, and Rev. Jen's Troll Doll Museum), there is a Podcast. I come on about 19 minutes into the show and blather on for ten minutes.

I was horrified when I noticed that there were also photographs posted (if I had known, I might've worn make-up), but I discovered that I look fine. Especially in comparison to Wallace Shawn, who rocked the house. Inconceivable!