>I love San Francisco. If I couldn't live in New York, San Francisco
would do nicely. I'm a little too high strung for San Francisco, but
otherwise, it's great.

Today I'm in Palo Alto for my friend's wedding. It is gorgeous here.
If I was forced to live in a suburban setting, I'd choose Palo Alto.

While watching tv this morning, a commercial for a women's razor came
on. I think it was called Embrace. In the ad, a woman and her man
are sitting at a cafe or something like that (wherever they are, it's
in public), and the guy runs his hand up her leg, continuing under the
hem of her skirt. Her legs are so smooth he can't help himself. It
seems that if I use this razor, my legs will cause horndogs to grope
me in public. What the fuck? Why is this considered a draw for the

Bah. I may be in the chill Bay area, but I'm as rankled as ever.

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