>Just as on 08/08/08, 07/07/07, 06/06/06, and so forth, I expect nothing epic to happen today. However, I did pass a fruit and veggie vendor on the street who sold figs for the rock bottom price of $2.50 per box. The grocery store a few blocks away is $3.99 a box, at best. I bought two.

As I inhaled the unwashed fruit while walking home, I realized that the perfect meal is figs that are overripe, almost to the point of rotting, and blue cheese. I could eat that every day. Unfortunately, figs do not start with the letter "c." A few years ago while bored, I calculated that if I could only eat foods that begin with one letter, "c" was the best option. It includes chocolate, cake, cookies, cheese, and a host of other things that I enjoy. (I think "s" was a close runner-up.)

My 09/09/09 revelation about figs throws everything into question. My only hope is cheating, as Calimyrna figs start with "c," but really, my love is Black Mission figs. So it goes. At least I can eat the Calimyrna figs with cheese.